Great Pyrenees Puppies
Getting feedback from our puppies' new families is always so encouraging.  Our puppies have become both livestock guardians and family companions.  We have received great feedback from both sources. 

This is an excerpt from an email that I received from a man who purchased two puppies as livestock guardians:

We love them.  Our only complaint is that they like to get dirty and we are so proud to show them off to everyone, we are constantly trying to clean the mud off them. 


Also, they are really taking on their own personalities.  WE had to put up some temporary extra fencing because the smaller one, who we call Levi, was crawling through it.  Probably just need a couple more weeks until he is too big to get through the cattle panel.  But on Saturday evening, my wife and daughter heard a different kind of wining and barking coming from the barn, and when they went to see what was going on, they found that goat I told you about that has the neck issue, caught in that temporary fencing.  Right next to her, was Levi whimpering and unwilling to leave her until we got her out of the fence.  What a good dog. - Robert P., Charlotte, NC

Here is Lady, one of our pups that is now a family companion, at the Blessing of the Animals in Franklin, NC.

Titus, a pup from our first litter, has become a favorite companion of some UGA students in Athens, GA.

In fact, as a result of our families' feedback, we now also have a Great Pyrenees as a family companion.  Our families have shared with us how easy it is to train their pup.  Their mother, Sasha, always trains her pups to use a specific area as a bathroom.  By continuing Sasha's training, our puppy was housebroken in a matter of days.  We have received the same feedback from the other families.  We were also able to quickly teach our teething puppy what she could and could not chew.  Two or three stern reprimands was all that it took. 

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