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Four years ago when we started raising Nigerian Dwarf goats at The Backyard Farm, we were advised to find a means of protecting our goats from the coyote population.  We discovered that one of the best forms of protection for our goats was the beautiful, large white dogs that we frequently saw in the fields.  That was our introduction to the Great Pyrenees.  We acquired our first two Pyrenees, Samson and Sasha, from two different lines.  They both came from working parents.  We believe that this strong lineage of working generations has resulted in good livestock guardians.


We soon discovered that there was a growing demand and need for this remarkably intelligent breed.  Most livestock are defenseless against predators.  Whether chicken, goats, sheep, cattle, or horses, you will lose less of your livestock to predators if livestock guardians live with them.  (A donkey is also a good livestock guardian.  Great Pyrenees are more cuddly.)  As more people are seeking to live a more self sufficient lifestyle, the need for livestock guardians has grown.  

Why do we breed rather than suggest that someone rescue a Pyrenees?  The Great Pyrenees are guardians, and they guard based upon relationship.  They will guard and protect those with whom they have a relationship.  I am often asked if they are good with cats.  They are if they grow up with the cat.  If they are to be livestock guardians, they need to grow up with the livestock.  Rarely does it work out well to take a rescue Pyrenees that has not been raised with livestock and to place them with livestock.  Our Great Pyrenees live with our livestock.  The puppies are born and grow up in the presence of our goats.  This environment is the perfect start for the future livestock guardian. 

We do not sell to puppy mills or large breeders. We put a lot of love and care into each pup and carefully screen all families.  A Great Pyrenees is different from other dogs.  They are very large and must be raised correctly.
Our puppies sell for $400.  Breeding, pregnancy, and puppies are overseen by a licensed veterinarian.  Your puppy will be fully, age appropriately vaccinated and dewormed. They will come with a health record and a Health Guarantee

Great Pyrenees do not do well alone.  So, if they are going to work as livestock guardians, we give a discount when they are sold as pairs.


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